Saturday, April 19, 2014
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AARO in Action

"Overseas Americans Week" 2014

An AARO delegation consisting of President Lucy Laederich, Vice President Ellen Lebelle, Communications Director Victoria Ferauge and John Fredenberger and Tim Ramier from the tax team, joined a representative of FAWCO for our annual round of meetings with staffers on the Hill and with key agencies during the week of March 24 in Washington.

This year the focus was on FATCA and the loss of access to financial services at home and abroad, and other US tax-related issues many of our members are grappling with. The delegates also urged support for Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act (HR 597). All the legislators we contacted  were encouraged to join the Americans Abroad Caucus, which we hope will become a growing voice speaking for us in the House of Representatives.

We were proud to present the AARO award for Distinguished Service to the overseas American population to Nina Olson, United States Taxpayer Advocate, for her support for "fair tax treatment for the global American population".

Stay tuned for a complete report on the week and click here or on "Position Papers 2014" in the righthand sidebar for the position papers we took to Washington.


Americans Abroad Caucus Co-Chairs defend access to U.S. banks for overseas Americans

Representatives Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Joe Wilson (R-SC) have written to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to ask him to protect overseas Americans’ access to U.S. financial services. Read the press release and the letter to Secretary Geithner here.


AARO endorses proposal for Medicare Demonstration Project in Mexico.

One issue which AARO took to Congress during Overseas Americans Week 2009 is medical coverage for eligible Medicare beneficiaries living outside the USA. This population cannot receive medical services paid for by Medicare anywhere except in the USA. AARO has lobbied for extension of Medicare to countries abroad for these beneficiaries, but has had no real traction on the issue until now. Suddenly certain members of Congress have shown an interest in supporting a limited study of the costs and consequences of extending Medicare to a foreign country, Mexico, as a means to determine whether cost-effective, high-quality care can be delivered outside the USA and be paid for by Medicare in what may be significant savings to the Medicare budget.

As Congress prepares for debate and negotiations on the bills likely to be submitted in June 2009 looking to a comprehensive Medicare overhaul by the end of the year (according to Congressional leadership’s schedule), groups representing Americans abroad, especially Americans for Medicare in Mexico A.C., have prepared a Demonstration Project proposal, the purpose of which is to lay the groundwork for a study, financed by Congress, of the conditions for and costs of delivering Medicare-level medical and hospitalization services to eligible Medicare beneficiaries in Mexico. AARO endorses this proposal and will do what it can to see that it is included in the Medicare overhaul legislation. It will inform members of progress and request their support for this proposal as and when the time for action comes.

Here is a sample letter that you can use to write your Senator and Congressman in support of the Mexican Demonstration project for Medicare.


AARO joins new overseas voting rights coalition

AARO has joined a coalition of groups committed to ensuring that our nation’s election system fully serves military and overseas voters. The new coalition is the Alliance for Military and Overseas Voting Rights. AMOVR will team with policymakers, election officials, and others committed to improving the absentee voting process and to ensure that the votes of military and overseas voters count.


Ask your congressperson to join the Americans Abroad Caucus

In an effort to expand representation in Congress, the Americans Abroad caucus co-chairs, Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Joe Wilson, have asked members of the House of Representatives to join the caucus. AARO members can help in this recruiting drive by asking their representatives to join.

Read the letter sent by the Caucus to their Congressional colleagues.
Americans Abroad Caucus seeks to expand representation


AARO Meetup

meetup_logoNext AARO Meetup: 
Monday, May 5

Join AARO for its monthly lunch and lively discussion of political issues affecting overseas Americans - from taxes to voting to citizenship to whatever else is on your mind. Get to know us and learn more about the organization!

Please Note: Venue may change, to be announced!

Date: Monday, May 5
Time: 12h30
Place: Pizza Pino, 57 Boulevard Montparnasse, Paris 75006
Metro: Falguière or Notre-Dame-des-Champs


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