Sunday, April 20, 2014
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AARO Advertising

AARO sends biweekly AARO News & Views email announcements to its membership. These announcements reach over 700 AARO members and their families worldwide.

Cost per message:
AARO members, 25 euros for one ad and 60 euros for three insertions.
For non-members, 30 euros for one ad, 70 euros for three insertions.

Please use the form below to submit your message.

Maximum of 500 characters. (Subject to editing if over character count.)

The AARO Newsletter, black & white, is mailed four times a year to the entire worldwide membership.

Newsletter ads should be sent to us in an electronic format, such as JPG/JPEG, Mac in Quark Xpress or EPS, with all logos, scans and fonts attached. Page formats may be adjusted according to your requirements.

Prices are for Single Issue / Full Year (4 Issues)

Full page (29.7cm x 21cm): € 300 / € 1000
Half page: € 250 / € 880
Quarter page: € 150 / € 500
Eighth page: € 100 / € 350

No ads will be published until payment has been received.
AARO reserves the right to refuse any sponsored messages.

Please make checks payable to AARO (please do NOT send cash!), specify the type of ad, the number of appearances and the size, if applicable, and send to:
AARO Messages
34 avenue de New York
75116 Paris


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