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VIDEO: AARO Presidential Debate (AARO members only)

On October 19, AARO hosted a debate with an insider perspective on the 2016 presidential election and where the parties would like to have us go in the next four years.

Featuring Joe Smallhoover* (Democrat), Ned Wiley** (Libertarian) and George Yates*** (Republican) who debated each other and answered questions from the audience.

* Joe has served as International Chair and International Counsel for Democrats Abroad and as Chair of Democrats Abroad France. He was elected to represent Democrats Abroad on the Democratic National Convention Platform Committee 2016. Joe has practiced corporate, banking and financial, and commercial law in France and Germany for over 30 years.

** Ned is an independent media and technology consultant based in Berlin, Germany. He is credited, as Procter and Gamble’s first European Brand Manager, for introducing Italian television audiences to the soap opera over thirty years ago. Ned is the co-author of “The Impossible Advantage - Winning The Competitive Game By Changing The Rules”. He is currently in the process of founding a new organization: Libertarians Abroad.

*** George is a Franco-American lawyer practicing with his own firm of Yates Avocat in Paris and Lisbon. He has lived and worked in France and the UK for some 25 years and is a long-time political observer and activist in Republican Party politics in the US and Europe. He is a former Chair of Republicans Abroad France.


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