Americans Helping Americans Abroad

Question 1: Taxation

Would you commit to working with Americans residing abroad to reform the current citizenship-based US tax system?

Absolutely. I would like to exempt all U.S.citizens residing abroad from federal income taxes. I would also work with my colleagues in the California Assembly to do the same at the State level.

Question 2: Services

Will you support on-line access to government agencies and adequate funding for consular functions upon which Americans abroad rely?

Yes. The current administration is hollowing out the State Department and I believe this is a huge mistake. Our citizens traveling and living abroad need the services of our embassies.

These policies are mean-spirited and treat our citizens abroad with suspicion. I believe these absurd policies have led record numbers of people to renounce their citizenship.

Instead, we should treat our citizens abroad as unofficial ambassadors and encourage them to remain involved with the homeland.

Question 3: Banking

Would you support an enforceable right for all US citizens to a US bank account so they can retain their US savings and retirement accounts and make and receive payments in the United States?

Yes. These know your customer rules have gone way too far and need to be drastically overhauled.

These rules force U.S. citizens to take very expensive counter measures to circumvent the rules, like opening offshore corporations.

I will be happy to work with your organization to craft legislation specifically tailored towards correcting these issues for our overseas citizens.

Message from the Candidate:

I lived in Costa Rica for almost a year and I understand what Americans living abroad have to go through. I can be challenging enough dealing with cultural and language immersion.

I want to create a flexible and cooperative environment for our citizens living abroad. These citizens are entitled to every right and entitlement that any other citizen enjoys and I will do everything within my power as your Congressman to make this a reality.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.

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