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The AARO membership in some 50 countries around the world is faced with a vast range of problems which differ from country to country. In some cases, because there is a large American community or a strong American diplomatic presence in the country, these problems are easy to solve and in others, they present serious conundrums.

The AARO membership itself is extremely diverse, from young students and professionals abroad for the first time to long-term residents firmly rooted in their host country.

Whatever your story, we invite you to share it with the global AARO membership!

Tell us about a new issue that has come up that many of us are unaware of (new visa or working paper requirements, the loss of diplomatic personnel, an “image” problem for overseas Americans…) or share a success or a human interest story.

In some cases, you may not need to re-invent the wheel – what seems to be a new problem for you may have been solved elsewhere. In others, people will learn something about the country you live in. And in all cases, you will help to enrich the AARO membership!!

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Remember that AARO is a non-political organization: overtly political content will not be published.

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