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AARO’s Expat Health Insurance Program

Since 1987 AARO has provided a reasonably priced health care plan to Americans resident outside the USA. Backed by an internationally recognized insurer and administered by MSH International, it is designed for AARO's American members living abroad, who have no medical insurance in their country of residence or wish to supplement their local plan.

The AARO medical insurance plans are open to US citizens whose primary residence is outside the USA and who become members of AARO.

AARO’s health care program not only offers coverage in any country of residence outside the USA but also insures emergency medical costs incurred elsewhere, including the USA, with reasonable US medical expenses reimbursed up to 80% during a maximum of 30 days annually. The program offers a three kinds of plan: hospitalization onlyor hospitalization plus outpatient care or comprehensive coverage that also includes dental and optical care. Pregnancy and childbirth costs are also covered by certain plans.

In many countries the AARO plans can be used to meet residence requirements for private health care insurance and in France, Belgium the Czech Republic and Austria they can be used to supplement local social security protection.

An annual fee of $30 (€20) is charged per family for AARO's administrative costs associated with the program. AARO does not receive any payments from from its carrier or its program administrator.

AARO believes it has a health care plan for you at a cost reasonable by US standards.

Most applications to the plan are approved. However, AARO's carrier reserves the right to reject applicants receiving treatment for serious illness or a combination of illnesses which raise the applicant's risk profile.

Insurance Information (PDFs)

pdfHealthcare Procedures Guide Book - MSH International 2018 (1.7 MB)

pdfAARO Application Form 2017 (65 KB)

pdfAARO Brochure 2017 (1 MB)

pdfAARO CB Debit Authorization Form 2017 (54 KB)

pdfAARO Medical Questionnaire 2017 (63 KB)

pdfAARO Premiums 2018 (130 KB)

pdfHow to Subscribe (18 KB)

pdfMandat SEPA (136 KB)

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