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AARO Health Insurance Plan for Expat Americans

Adequate health insurance is a challenge faced by every American living abroad.

But a good plan must:

  • Suit your particular circumstances as an American abroad
  • Have a reasonable cost
  • Meet the requirements of the country where you live

Finding a policy which satisfies all these can be challenging, especially when added to all the other things one must do when moving abroad from the US.

Since 1987 AARO has provided a reasonably priced medical insurance plan designed for Americans resident outside the USA. Backed by the internationally recognized insurer SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP and administered by MSH International, it meets the needs of Americans living abroad who have no local medical insurance in their country of residence or who wish to supplement their local plan.

Customized Features & Benefits

Top features of the plan have been specially designed for Americans living abroad.

  • All American citizens living abroad and who are members of AARO
  • Available in almost every country worldwide
  • Easily portable as you move from country to country
  • Coverage includes the US for emergency cases
  • No age limit

Learn more about the plan’s features, benefits and coverage options.

Wide Eligibility at a Reasonable Cost

Expatriate Americans will, in general, be able to join if they are members in good standing of AARO, are in good health, and live outside the United States. 

Learn more about eligibility, coverage and cost on the Plan Eligibility Coverage and Cost page.

How to Sign Up

Here is how to join the AARO Expat Health Insurance Program. You will need to complete an application form, gather some medical information, and determine how to pay the premiums and receive reimbursements. The steps and forms you will need can all be found at How to Sign Up for the AARO Insurance Plan.

Q&A for Joining the AARO Plan

Here are frequently asked questions about joining the AARO health insurance program.

Affordable Care Act Q&As

Whether living in the US or abroad, Americans must be aware of the requirements for health care as covered in the Affordable Care Act, commonly called "Obamacare". Here is a set of questions AARO members have asked about the ACA.

About the Insurance Provider

The AARO plan is administered by MSH International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SIACI SAINT HONORE GROUP. AARO has worked with them for three decades to provide policies for Americans living abroad. Their US partner is United Healthcare. You can learn more about them on the About MSH International page.

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