Americans Helping Americans Abroad

Recognizing the unique needs of Americans living abroad, AARO and MSH have developed this health insurance plan which features:

  • Coverage for American citizens living abroad who are members of AARO
  • Coverage in almost any foreign country of residence
  • If you share your residence between two non-U.S. countries, with a minimum of three months in each, each of them could be your country of residence for reimbursement purposes.
  • Emergency medical coverage in other countries, including the U.S. Coverage in the U.S. is for up to 30 non-consecutive days per year.
  • Lifetime coverage with no age limit as long as you remain an AARO member
  • No annual limit of benefits
  • Excellent value for money
  • Competitive family pricing as premiums are determined by age for children and third child coverage without charge
  • backed by an internationally recognized insurer and administered by MSH International

In many countries the AARO plan can be used to meet residence requirements for private health care insurance. It can also be used to supplement local national health insurance in France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria.


AARO and MSH have designed the AARO health insurance plan to be very flexible. It can follow you worldwide from country to country with a few conditions:

  • coverage in the U.S. is limited to emergency conditions for 30 days
  • countries in a state of war or similar disturbance is excluded

For more information on these conditions please see the pdfAARO Group Medical Insurance Plan brochure.

A change of country does not stop your coverage! In most cases a change of address notification is all that is needed. For members with supplemental coverage to a national health insurance plan, a new application for a full policy will be required.

Benefit Options

There are three levels of benefits under the plan. All three include medical assistance and repatriation when the patient is not in his or her home country.

  1. Inpatient Hospitalization coverage only
  2. Medical Cover: inpatient plus medical coverage (including maternity)
  3. Comprehensive Cover: inpatient, medical, plus dental and optical coverage

Pregnancy and childbirth costs are also covered by certain plans.

There are two levels of coverage which correspond to the level of reimbursement for medical expenses:

  • AARO Silver (in general 80% to 100% of expenses)
  • AARO Gold (in general 100% of expenses)

The levels of reimbursement vary according to the medical service. Refer to the AARO Group Medical Insurance Plan brochure for specific information.

There are also two coverage options depending on the healthcare system in your country of residence.

  • "First Euro" full coverage. This healthcare plan provides the same coverage as that provided by your local national health insurance plan and that of a complimentary insurance plan. Therefore your medical expenses are reimbursed as of the first euro spent, in accordance with the terms and conditions of your plan.
  • Supplemental coverage. In some countries (currently France, Belgium, Austria, and the Czech Republic) the coverage can act as a top-up supplement to the national health insurance plan.

Medical Assistance and Repatriation

Medical assistance and repatriation are automatically included in each of the three benefit options: Inpatient Hospitalization, Medical Cover, and Comprehensive Cover. In the event of an accident or illness, Europ Assistance organizes and covers services for medical care and repatriation to the country of origin.

More information about this can be found in the AARO Group Medical Insurance Plan brochure.

Customer Service

MSH International focuses on providing high-quality healthcare services including a worldwide network of over 1.8 million healthcare providers in 175 countries offering quality services at good rates.

A central medical team of 21 consulting physicians who speak English and at least one other language. They are available to explain recommended treatments, provide second medical opinions and help choose practitioners and medical facilities.

Using the online portal for plan members you can download insurance documents, submit claims, request hospital pre-certification, check claim progress, and find a local physician or healthcare facility.

More information on these and other subjects such as submitting a claim can be found in the Healthcare Procedures Guide Book.

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