Americans Helping Americans Abroad

Question 1: Taxation

Would you commit to working with Americans residing abroad to reform the current citizenship-based US tax system?

I welcome the opportunity to work with AARO and related organizations to better understand and address the complicated tax issues faced by US citizens living abroad.

Question 2: Services

Will you support on-line access to government agencies and adequate funding for consular functions upon which Americans abroad rely?

It is our responsibility as a government to ensure that Americans abroad still have access to important consular services. The State Department’s budget should not be held hostage by partisan politics. We must adequately fund consular services and allow Americans abroad to fully access government agencies online.

Question 3: Banking

Would you support an enforceable right for all US citizens to a US bank account so they can retain their US savings and retirement accounts and make and receive payments in the United States?

The Know Your Customer and related rules that were passed in an attempt to limit money laundering and other fraudulent banking transactions are imperfect. However, it is critically important that we maintain maximum transparency in our banking system. The recent emergence of cryptocurrencies and recent IRS rules to limit transparency and disclosures for certain types of business organizations are making it more, not less important to enforce and implement these rules. In general, I support the concept of ensuring that all US citizens can access the US banking system but would want to be very careful not to inadvertently create exploitable loopholes for bad actors in the process. I would welcome the chance to talk about this with you in more detail.

Message from the Candidate:

I was born in Ireland when my parents were in the midst of a four-year stint as expats working for a US firm. I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively in Europe, Asia and Latin America and have numerous friends and family members who have lived and worked all over the world as US citizens for pleasure, for jobs that assigned them to foreign offices and for the US government. I appreciate both the opportunities and challenges that come from living abroad, and in general think that our public discourse and effectiveness as a nation is improved by Americans who have lived and worked abroad. I will commit to supporting initiatives that encourage and reward those Americans who choose to do so.

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