Americans Helping Americans Abroad

Question 1: Taxation

Would you commit to working with Americans residing abroad to reform the current citizenship-based US tax system?

YES. I am not only intimately aware of this tax system but also am subject to these tax laws, given that I have assets worldwide and file very complex tax forms. In the 21st century with advances in computing technology, it seems medieval that an American living abroad has to file tax returns twice. I will propose immediate legislation to streamline this process, to a SINGLE FILING. It is completely wrong to force Americans to waste their time and hard-earned monies paying excessive fees to tax attorneys and accountants.

Question 2: Services

Will you support on-line access to government agencies and adequate funding for consular functions upon which Americans abroad rely?

YES. Since I travel frequently to Asia, be it India or Singapore, where there are many Americans living abroad, I am aware of this situation and know its affect on colleagues and friends of mine. The question is why is this even occurring? I would propose immediate legislation to ensure online access to government agencies and adequate funding for consular functions to make that happen.

Question 3: Banking

Would you support an enforceable right for all US citizens to a US bank account so they can retain their US savings and retirement accounts and make and receive payments in the United States?

YES. What I see consistently occurring is that opportunist politicians, in the name of going after the "BIG GUYS," consistently get regulation implemented that has minimal affects on the BIG GUYS, because their web of corruption has many ways to circumvent any such regulation. What really happens is the small guys and every day citizens get hampered, as in this case. By the way, Dodd-Frank, which was intended to reign in the BIG BANKS, actually destroyed 1,200 small banks. I would immediately support and sponsor legislation to for all US Citizens to a US bank account so they could retain their US savings and retirement accounts and make and receive payments in the United States.

Message from the Candidate:

As an immigrant who came to American from India as a 7-year-old kid, as someone who has travelled to over 50 countries, runs international businesses, and has had to deal with Americans living abroad (me included at times, and my employees), I know the problems and challenges you face in a very tangible and practical way. It is not theory for me.

More importantly, I have solutions for the problems you face, which many may ignore.

My life embodies the American Dream. I was born in India, as a low-caste "Untouchable," where one's destiny is determined by what caste you are born into. My parents courage and fortitude overcame their "destiny," enabling them to immigrate to America in 1970, with my sister and I. I learned from them and my teachers, mentors and coaches the value of hard work, commitment to excellence, and meritocracy. In 1978, at the age of 14, I completed all my math courses in high school including Calculus, though I wasn't just a "nerd;" I mowed lawns as a side job and played baseball and soccer. That year, I was accepted to a special intensive software engineering educational program at NYU, after which I began working full time at Rutgers Medical School, while finishing high school, where I invented the world's email system, when I wrote 50,000 lines of software to convert the old-fashioned interoffice mail system (inbox, outbox, folders, attachments, etc.) to its electronic equivalent, naming it "email," and for which I received the first U.S. Copyright, recognising me as the inventor of email.

I went on to MIT, where I earned 4 degrees, including my PhD, during which I started 7 companies, generating 1,000 of jobs in Massachusetts. Today, I run CytoSolve, Inc., a company that has created a revolutionary technology platform to discover cure for diseases from pancreatic cancer to alzheimer's, faster and cheaper.

I do not NEED to hold office. I am doing this because I love America and its people. I see people in office who are lawyer-lobbyists, career politicians who do not know how to fix anything, but exist to perpetuate their career in politics. I believe in Clean Government (term limits, campaign finance reform); Real Health (we need to focus on prevention in healthcare, and lower the cost of healthcare -- for which I have a solution that can bring down the cost of care from $10K per worker to $2K). In this regard, I do not support the poisoning of our food supply by big agro-business. By the way, Elizabeth Warren voted for the Monsanto Protection Act. Finally, we need REAL Jobs in the 21st Century --- this requires unleashing vo-tech schools and providing real skills to our young people.

In closing, I wish to say this: you are an American --- you think Independently, now BE INDEPENDENT!

having gone through my personal journey of immigration, then education through the public school systems of New Jersey and later to MIT, where I earned four degrees, including my PhD, and as an innov

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