Americans Helping Americans Abroad

In addition to its core activity of advocacy on behalf of at least 5.4 million Americans living and working abroad, AARO offers benefits to members that can make their life abroad easier and more interesting!

Since its founding in 1973, AARO has advocated to improve treatment by the U.S. government of overseas Americans, and to take their concerns to Washington legislators and policymakers. 

When you join AARO, not only are you becoming part of a global community of concerned and committed U.S. citizens but you are also supporting AARO’s work to defend the interests of those citizens.

In addition to incremental steps to educate decision-makers about the adverse effects of some legislation and regulations and the positive effects of others, AARO can point to certain real achievements in its more than five decades of advocacy.

And there are real immediate benefits to AARO membership!

We are proud of every member who joins us and look forward to working together to improve the lives of all Americans living and working abroad!