Americans Helping Americans Abroad

AARO membership is open to all United States citizens, wherever they reside. Citizens of other countries, including permanent residents of the United States, who share AARO’s goals are welcome as non-voting associate members.

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  • Individual: 65€
  • Joint/Family: 85€
  • Young Professional, 26-35 Years: 35€
  • Student, 18-25 Years: 10€

Lifetime Memberships:

  • Lifetime Individual Membership: 1000€
  • Lifetime Joint/Family Membership: 1300€

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Payment Options

The procedure for joining AARO is slightly different depending on how you wish to pay your membership dues. Please select from the list below so we can take you to the proper form.

If none of these work for you, please contact the AARO office.

⇒ Offline Payment Options:

SEPA bank transfer or virement. If you have a bank account in the SEPA (Single European Payment Area), you can send money to AARO using the transfer/virement facility of your local bank. This is usually a free service for both you and AARO.

Euro-denominated check. You may send a check denominated in Euros directly to AARO’s headquarters. Please add €15 to the total if your check is from a bank outside France.

International money transfer service. Many Americans living overseas use a money transfer service, such as Wise or XE Money Transfer. (These are less costly than traditional wire transfers through a bank.)

Direct debit. You may opt to allow AARO to directly debit for bank accounts in a SEPA country, either on a one-time or on a permanent basis (For the latter you are debited each year for your membership fee.). You can cancel a permanent direct debit order at anytime.

For more details about our offline payment options, please click here.

⇒ Online Payment Options:

Credit or debit card. We use Stripe as our credit/debit card processor.

PayPal. If you have a personal PayPal account, you can transfer funds directly to AARO.


AARO relies on the generous contributions of individuals to fund its budget, allow the organization to lobby in Washington, develop its membership internationally, provide critical information and analysis on issues facing Americans abroad, and communicate effectively.

AARO is an association registered in France under the law of 1901.

Contact us if you would like to make a donation.

We look forward to having you as a member of AARO.