Americans Helping Americans Abroad

Question 1: Taxation

Would you commit to working with Americans residing abroad to reform the current citizenship-based US tax system?

Yes. Reforms are needed throughout all levels and functions of federal government.

Question 2: Services

Will you support on-line access to government agencies and adequate funding for consular functions upon which Americans abroad rely?

Yes, I sure would. This sounds like a common sense solution to helping Americans living abroad and I'm all about common sense legislation in Congress.

Question 3: Banking

Would you support an enforceable right for all US citizens to a US bank account so they can retain their US savings and retirement accounts and make and receive payments in the United States?

I don't know enough about the Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence Rules for U.S. Banks. I will have to research this more before providing my policy stance on this issue.

Message from the Candidate:

I’m running for Congress at the age of 32 because I am frustrated with the status quo and believe that Philadelphia’s best days lie ahead of us. We aren’t going to break through to the next level with the current leadership structure that’s been in play for the last 30-50 years. Sadly, they have not been solving our problems. Congress needs problem solvers who aren’t afraid to reach across the aisle to create meaningful legislation that will help Philadelphia grow. My opponent, Congressman Evans has shown time and time again that he is not interested in working with Republicans in Congress. However, I am interested in working with Democrats. Congress needs problem solvers that are approachable, accountable and accessible. That’s why I’m running for Congress - because I’m a problem solver who will work with and welcome anyone into my office if their number 1 priority is Philadelphia and not special interest groups. Thank you!

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